I’m Going to Try Something Insanely Different


The things we do to improve ourselves is an endless list of ridiculousness followed up by even more ridiculousness. Is that even a word? Anyway, my daughter had a genius idea of how I could go about getting a waist. Even as I write these words I am laughing because how in the heck at 43 do you get something you had never had before when it comes to your body? I’m not giving up pizza or chocolate so please don’t panic.

From the time I have been very young I have always been a normal weight but never ever had a waist. So why am I desperately holding onto the dream even now? I have no idea, but it is true what has been said about always wanting what we can’t have. Maybe that is the problem right there. I’ve never believed it was actually possible for little, tiny me to have a waist. All the little, tiny parts of me were put into my height so who was I to hope there was a little extra tiny left for that are between my hips and chest.

The question is this? How bad do I really want a waist? We are going to find out. My daughter absolutely swears by the weighted hula hoop. She has been using it for sometime, and I must admit I see a huge difference but she is 15. I’ve got years of eating bad crap, loose skin from giving birth to 40 lb. babies and did I mention I am 43? I am going to give it a try. I can already feel the bruises stretching across my hips but I have tried everything else so why not give this a try too. One of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein is this:


Time to try something different!

22 thoughts on “I’m Going to Try Something Insanely Different

  1. okay….lol….question….why a WEIGHTED hula hoop? Isn’t it just the motion you make when using any hula hoop? Or does the weight of the darn thing carve into your body, etching out a (painful) waistline….that’s literally a line!?


  2. ps do you know how to alter ones reader to show more posts? My reader seems to cut off at a certain point so if I dont read am and pm i end up missing posts, is there a way to alter this that you know of? lol, sorry for a techy question just thought you might know x


  3. You know, I used to be able to hula hoop. Now when I try to it quickly ends up around my ankles. What the heck happened? hehehe
    Anyhow, I’m certified in fitness and nutrition and live a healthy lifestyle. However, I loooooovvvve both pizza and chocolate. At any rate, I just started another blog that I am using to post fitness routines, recipes, health and wellness stuff, and challenges. If you are ever interested in visiting it you can do so here: http://simplyfitinsideandout.wordpress.com/
    Hope you get that waist you always wanted.


  4. Wouldn’t it be easier to buy one of those “fun house” mirrors that distorts your shape? I bet you could have one custom-made that gives you exactly the figure your daughter thinks you can achieve !


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