Is a Wrong Ever Right?


I guess one of the things that separates me from most is I do not accept or agree with a double standard. If I think something is wrong, it is wrong regardless of the circumstance. Recently, here in Oklahoma there has been news of a botched execution. It comes as a total shock that the very man that was questioning if the drugs offered to prisoners allow them to die humanely clearly suffered on that cold, hard table. I will post a link to the article for those that are interested. For me it is simple. Murder is bad. It is wrong and it robs someone of the life they were meant to live. I absolutely cannot support the death penalty because my feelings about right and wrong are so strong. Two wrongs never ever make a right, period. If it’s not okay for Joe Shmo to murder a human being then we punish him by murdering him? Has anyone considered how ridiculous that sounds? Who do any of us think we are that we have the right to take the life of another? It is not our gift to take away. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t sit right with my heart or soul. Many will disagree, and really that’s okay. It’s just so hypocritical to me at least in my own mind.

Some will argue that the family of the person murdered deserves justice too. Is justice making the family of the murderer go through the same agony and pain as the victims family? Is that right and just? Is that how our minds work really? Does the murderer not have a family as well or do they no longer count because someone they love committed a horrendous crime. There are so many mixed messages today and so much confusion that the line between right and wrong has been sadly blurred with what, reasoning? Sorry. You can’t pick and choose when something is and when it is not acceptable. You can but I won’t. Our eternal fate is in our own hands, we are accountable for our own decisions and our own convictions. Thou shalt not kill is pretty clear to me but we are all entitled to make our own choices. What do you think? Have you heard this story? Here’s the link. Take a look! UPDATE: Chaos after Oklahoma botched lethal injection with never-before used drug via @kfor

7 thoughts on “Is a Wrong Ever Right?

  1. Oh my. Heavy topic. Yea, we don’t have the right to take a life, but then again, how can justice be made? Very sticky situation. I for one don’t agree with murder. Hmmmmmm…


  2. I agree with you– even a convicted murderer is still human. His suffering will not repay what he has taken from another family. Thank you for bringing attention to the fact that even murderers have families– and I do agree that they should not be tormented in return.


  3. that is a heavy topic, i don’t wholeheartedly agree either with the death penalty it makes me very uncomfortable who are we to stand judge and jury as to who should die and live. I understand there are those left behind, wounded etc, but there must be other ways x


  4. It was so distressing to hear on the news about this botched incident. The absurdity of trying to find a humane way to carry out the death penalty (and then botching it) when death is the thing we are punishing him for.


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