Eyes On The Road


We are driving home from our quick trip to Indianapolis. The Indy 500 was a fantastic race this year and the fans got more than their money’s worth of action and excitement. We could have done without the excruciating sunburn but the weather and the experience was worth the 12 hour ride. As I watch a place we lived for four years pass away through the rear view mirror, I am reminded of something very important. It doesn’t matter if every magazine in the country ranks a town in the top 10 places to live. It doesn’t matter that a town has a lot of money and great parks and opportunities and great schools. What does matter is how people live and how a family feels in a particular place. If it doesn’t feel good and it’s a place you feel unhappy then it is a blessing to move on. In comparison, Oklahoma is poor. The schools are disappointing. There are not as many opportunities for my kids as a whole, BUT, we have a sense of peace there. We have dropped out of the race of keeping up with the Jones’s and the over scheduling people believe is life. We are balanced and we take time to do some pretty great things. We are not bound by sports or schedules that run our lives, we call the shots. We make the plans. Is Oklahoma a place I would like to spend the rest of my life? Probably not. But right now, my kids are growing fast and we are enjoying spending time with them doing the little things that make the biggest memories. We are where we are supposed to be at the moment. I know that now. No looking back, just eyes on the road enjoying the ride. Who knows what lies ahead? It may be wonderful and I don’t want to miss it because I am too busy looking behind me.






5 thoughts on “Eyes On The Road

  1. Scott

    worth mentioning is that even though she would still have fit through, my wife did not attempt to wiggle through the donut hole. indy 500 was awesome!


  2. Excellent post cutie. Really excellent. I feel exactly the same as you do. And I am living this exact experience right now too. Who knows what the future holds. For now, my family is enjoying being a family, doing things as a family, living our lives, period.
    Hope you had a great trip back.
    p.s. love the pics.


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