What The Hell Is Your Problem?


There is a very fine line behind rude and joking. I will even go as far to say there is a fine line between approaching someone and harassing them. Why are people so darn rude? If I counted on my hand how many times a stranger has stopped me to compliment me or say something kind, I would probably only need one hand. However…..

Yesterday I was walking through the store trying to find my son some clothes. I have been insisting that me 12 year old is not growing but the bottom of his shorts meeting his mid- thigh was the confirmation I needed to buy him some longer shorts. Let me just say I have lived in 5 different states. I do not necessarily believe any one is more important than the other. So, while I was strolling through the Oklahoma store in my Texas Longhorn sweatshirt, a very old, nasty man, in a very rude man stood in my path and said, “Excuse me mam, has no- one taught you yet that this is OU country?” I kindly reminded him that this is America and there is plenty of room for all types of clothing.

I am sick of jerks. I am tired of people only approaching me to be a smart ass or taunt me for one reason or another. I think I am going to buy a shirt that says, “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Then Move On 😉 ” I really don’t know what is wrong with some of the people living in Oklahoma. I have never experienced this anywhere else. In fact when we went to Texas for spring break, no-one even noticed my Oklahoma attire. I even got harassed for carrying an orange chair through OU country. It’s just not funny to me that people are becoming so confrontational and mean. They don’t think twice about handing an insult but I guess a compliment just costs too much. Sometimes it is not what is said but it is the tone it is said in. When you stand in front of me and block me from moving and then follow me around a store while they I try and get away, that is harassment my friend. Who exactly do we think we are that we can bully someone for the clothes they wear? If it was a joke, I did not find any humor in it and the fact that I was trying to get away as quietly and politely as I could while people were stopped watching should have been hint enough. This is only the beginning but I will not tolerate it. Sports mean little to me and I don’t even watch football, so get out of my face and go home and watch some tv. Seriously, give me a break! Just leave people alone and mind your own business or maybe go out of your way to be nice to a stranger sometime and see what a different reaction you get. People have enough on their plates without getting heckled by total strangers.

3 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Your Problem?

  1. Man, they have it out for you! I agree that people can be so very rude – it’s one thing to make a small comment, but to follow you around? I was talking to a co-worker in OK last week and we were laughing because we both believe our state is better than the other (Texas here) – and you’ve proved my point – Texas is better 🙂

    Yes, that totally violates the if you don’t have anything nice to say… but I can’t help it! 😀


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