A New Message To Our Kids


What are we doing to our kids today? I have to share this story because I think it is a perfect example of why we have to take a new approach and attitude with today’s youth. I had friends over the other day. We had just attached the hook to our pergola. Have you seen the game where the ring is attached to a string and you have to strategically swing it to land on the hook? We all tried it and were having a good time. Everyone except my friends daughter. She tried once and made a comment that it wasn’t her thing and sat back down. Do we stress success so much that our teens can’t even find enjoyment out of a silly game if they are not automatically good at it? This attitude that I should only do what I am good at and I won’t even try what challenges me concerns me quite a bit. I believe this is the age the teens world becomes as small as the town they live in. I teach my kids this, just because you are in the top of your class here, or you place in the 100 fly at every local swim meet, the world is a very large place. You have very little chance of being the prettiest, the wealthiest, the smartest or whatever. Do we need to stress less importance on being the best in their tiny little circle and place more emphasis on them just being and doing their personal best? If we constantly compare ourselves to everyone else will we ever feel happy or successful? Celebrate your talents and your own uniqueness and be grateful for the gifts you are given. It is important to remind kids this age that just because they are in advanced classes because they learn at a faster pace does not necessarily make them smarter. Just because someone is more popular does not mean they are prettier or friendlier.

It was just really something to witness the other night. The older I get and the harder and more serious life gets, serves as a well needed reminder that it is so important to play and have fun and be happy. Your brain or your grade or your job does not define you. If you always struggle to be the best at everything you will miss out on the most important part of life….living.

Be the best person you can be in everything you try and do. Relax, have fun and stop trying to keep up with top this and top that. The world is too big to compare and compete if that is what determines your self worth. Keep everything in perspective and find balance. Somewhere in between is where success really lies and living survives.

3 thoughts on “A New Message To Our Kids

  1. Wow, yes, great point. I really think it’s important to raise kids to be responsible individuals that know how to make wise choices. And also, you can’t always get what you want. But also teaching the value of taking things lightly and not always having to be the best is a good thing to instill in them as well. And that’s so totally true – we are not defined by what we can do. And we should never do that to ourselves or to others.


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