Finding Big In The Little Things


How many times in the last few days have you checked in with yourself? We check our weight, we check our schedules, we even check the time; but how many times do we check in with ourselves and the condition of our souls? When is the last time you have been really happy? Do you keep track? Do you adjust your activities and lifestyle to assure you have enough of those peaceful moments to help you glide past the ones that steal the peace from beneath your feet?

Last night we went to a small restaurant on a local lake. As I sat there on the deck, I was at total peace. There is no place else I could have wanted to be. It was a beautiful night and the view of the sailboats in the distance just added to the scene. We were smiling and singing Sweet Caroline and Cheeseburger In Paradise. It was a perfect night. We all need moments like this to bottle up. Life is supposed to be fun and happy and rewarding. Sometimes we just look in the wrong places and we miss those little moments that mean so much.

I hope you find many of these moments in your own life this week. Look for them, expect them and enjoy each and every one. What you appreciate will multiply, so take a look around you and notice the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Breathe them in and count your blessings. Bask in those moments and discover the big in the little things all around you. They are right there patiently waiting to get your attention.

7 thoughts on “Finding Big In The Little Things

  1. While on vacation I made a point to stop and check in with myself, to make sure I was having fun and not just going through the motions, and it made a real difference! Just keeping tabs on my attitude helped me have a good time! I’m really glad you enjoyed the time on the lake!


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