Not My Problem


Isn’t it amazing how we can convince ourselves things are one way when they are entirely another? I noticed lately that people keep score in their head for what they believe they do for others. The problem though is what they do actually occurs only inside their head and not in their actions. The bottom line is this. No-one likes to ask for anything. We are proud and want to believe we are self sufficient and can take total care of ourselves. Sometimes though we need help. We need to ask for a favor and all of a sudden that simple thing we need gets turned into something monumental. Imagine how that makes the person feel that does the asking. How belittling and degrading and hurtful we can make someone feel who has just put himself out there to ask for some help. That simple little favor gets turned into something monstrous and monumental. When did people stop doing things simply out of kindness? It’s not my problem and it’s not my responsibility have become common phrases in today’s society. Guess what? Selfishness and meanness is a problem that belongs to all of us. Kindness is something that should be freely spread rather than be treated as if it is some type of disgusting disease. It’s so simple for some to ask of others but the second someone asks something of them, no way Jose! Ask someone else.

I try to stay positive. I have learned to separate myself from relationships with people who are wrapped up in their own greatness and their own selfishness. This I’m important and you are beneath me attitude is an epidemic that spreads faster than a wildfire. That is why it is so important to surround yourself with people who are good and kind and grateful and build you up instead of constantly beating you down. Sometimes you have to make some really tough choices. You have to say I don’t accept this behavior in my life so I can no longer accept you in my life. People have got to step outside the tiny bubble they float around in and realize the world is a whole lot bigger than the confines of their own body.

Find people who are good and kind and greet you with a smile on their face instead of a large list of gripes about all that is terrible in their insignificant small life.You don’t need that kind of relationship and you deserve better. Negativity breeds more negativity and meanness breeds more of the same. Find someone who simply makes you feel good and start to put your time there. Slowly and surely start to separate yourself from the rest. I guarantee you will start to feel better and happy in a very short time.

3 thoughts on “Not My Problem

  1. So true!! I’m one of those that keeps track – and I DON’T MEAN TO! but alas, I do. Now, I don’t blow it out of proportion, but if I have initiated a conversation with you five different times and you’ve never initiated one with me, well, I’m going to reconsider how much I mean to you… and how much of my time should be spent.

    I can’t help it! LOL.

    Having said that, I do try and not keep track of when people actually ask for help, I just help when I can.


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