A Milestone


When is the last time you were so excited about something that you uncontrollably giggled? The time has finally arrived to teach my daughter how to drive. The second she sits behind the wheel, the giggling starts. Maybe she senses the incredible amount of freedom that comes with being the one who sits behind the wheel. Maybe it is just the silly excitement of knowing she is growing up and given more responsibilities that allow her to fly a bit further from the nest. Whatever the case, she is super excited. As I watched her accelerate through a turn as I held on for dear life, I caught the beautiful moment on her face. The teenage years are a time for many firsts. I have such fond memories of my high school years and I hope for her the best is yet to come.

9 thoughts on “A Milestone

  1. I’m about 2 months from Mr T getting his real licence. My dad called the other day, he has to make a 4 hour round trip and wanted to know if T wanted some freeway time… Of course the answer was yes! LOL

    Fortunately, after 10 months, I no longer hold on for dear life!


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