How Are YOU today?


More and more I am starting to realize how my thoughts and attitude affect the person I am. I will give you an example. I have lived here in this house for four years now. Every summer, the barn swallows build a nest at my front and back door. Last year they really started getting under my skin. They would dive bomb our heads if we walked out the front and the ones in the back use our pool deck for a public restroom. It’s pretty disgusting, especially because we are out there in bare feet.

We were floating in the pool just this past weekend and noticed there were more birds than usual. The babies from the front and the babies from the back were flying over our heads for the first time. It was so sweet to watch their enthusiasm and effort in trying to glide through the Oklahoma winds.

I guess life is just that way. There will always be good with the bad, negative with the positive. What’s important to know notice thought, is that we can have the exact same circumstances and a completely different attitude than the day before. What is it that makes us enjoy something or abhor the same very thing depending on the day? It’s a quandary and something I just can’t quite figure out. Maybe it has to do with fatigue or too much of negative that starts to dominate the positive. Maybe you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. If the little things can make your day, I guess the wrong little things can ruin it as well.

Today, I wish you more happy than mad. I wish you more positive than negative and more smiles than tears. There’s always a choice. You can change your circumstances if you change your perspective.

4 thoughts on “How Are YOU today?

  1. Our day is how we choose it to be. My favorite question I’ve ever been asked is, “Are you going to have a good day today?” It’s up to me. As you said, we can choose.


    • That’s a great question to ask and even harder to answer if you know you wake up with a bad attitude. I am going to remember to ask myself that every morning. What a great measure of how I’m feeling. Love it! Thanks!


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