Little by Little


Recently we planted some rose bushes. They were blooming and full of life, and then all at once that was it. The one seemed to go dormant for quite some time. Every day I sat out there watching and waiting for something to happen, but nothing. I was so disappointed. The other day it caught my eye. It was so much taller and I could see the red color indicating the new growth. The blooms are about to open. I guess this serves as a perfect lesson to be patient. Sometimes, to the visible eye, it appears that nothing is happening. Then all of a sudden you notice amazing change you didn’t even know was taking place.

I hope this reminds me to sit back and allow things to happen. I think this applies to personal growth as well. We want to change and bloom over night but change happens gradually. We can’t focus on the end result but rather on the subtle changes. Every bit of growth leads to a better place. So here’s to all the growth that’s happening all around us.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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