What Are You Looking For?


I was awake last night contemplating what it is that makes us all so different. We can read the same words but turn them into a different story. We can watch the same movie yet walk out with different ideas of what it was really about. I think life is just like that. Who we are and how we see and react to different circumstances depends solely on our own perspective. How do we get the way we are? We all live through trials and tribulations. We are all showered with blessings and things to be thankful for. Time holds us prisoner to our own attitudes. What we live through and how we respond to every single stone in our path determines how we will get through the next thing that stands in our way. We can also stand before the very same roadblock and one of us can see it as a tiny pebble and the other will see it as a permanent deterrent and never move on. Our perception is so important. Ask yourself, is your perception of the people and events around you holding you back or is helping you live a better life?

I’ve learned this in my forty something years. Thoughts become things. If you allow your mind to fully believe something, good or bad, that is what your eyes will allow you to see. If you focus on one day or one sentence or one characteristic of a person or situation, your view will be tainted. Sometimes it takes some courage to look at the whole picture and not allow ourselves to become fixated on a small part. It’s hard and it’s a challenge especially if we really want to believe what our minds are telling us is the truth. There are many truths out there if you choose to look. You always have a choice to see something different but what are you focused on? What do you feel in your heart? Do you feel peace, love, hatred, blame? Your heart will pick and choose what you will feel next. Ask yourself this? What do you think about the people and world around you? Pick one or two words. Are they positive, negative, hopeful, defeated? Sometimes you have to check in with the thoughts and emotions inside of you. They are a great gauge to let you know if you are headed down a road filled with joy or a road filled with pain.

Remember, you will only see what you allow yourself to look for. My advice, look for something good or the world will look like a horrible place.


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