Surrounded By Beauty


Ooh Aah Point. That is where I am sitting right now. I think I may have found the most incredible place in the world to blog. I feel so peaceful here. So small. Not small in a negative sense but rather in a rejuvenating one. Every direction I look is perfection. Beauty beyond words. The Grand Canyon is an amazing place and I feel blessed to be here sitting in this beautiful spot writing these words. It is a perfect mix of nature and solitude. In a world where everything is fake or man made, this natural beauty is a sight for sore eyes and healing for the soul.

As I sit here, I think how much as humans we carry. We carry the responsibility of work, raising our children. We carry guilt and sadness of watching our loved ones survive disappointment and pain. We carry the weight of the world in our minds and in our hearts. Sometimes it’s important to remember how small we really are. In this great big world, we have to put it all down and remind ourselves that we are just one little person in a great big world. We are not perfect but we all do the best we can. We can’t fix everyone and everything but we sure do try. We can’t carry the weight of the world but our actions and our decisions can make it a more peaceful place.

There are some moments you wish you could catch in your hand. There are sights so beautiful that you wish you could stay in a particular place for an endless amount of time. This is truly one of those moments. I feel blessed to be here and I will sit here quietly to take it in just a little bit longer. I will leave with a pounding head and tired legs but every second, and every single step brought us closer to an even more beautiful place. I am full. Completely filled up with the beautiful peace that only nature brings. Here are some pictures so you can enjoy our magnificent view.20140728-184943-67783492.jpg









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