Where Do You Live?


When it comes to my crazy family, both my daughter and husband can watch the same movie over and over. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies. It is the easiest, cheapest vacation from the real world I can book in a moments notice. I can lose myself there and become so wrapped up in the storyline, I forget I have a care in the world. I cannot however stand to watch a movie more than two times. I had to laugh as I thought about this as we watched Guardians of the Galaxy today. My movie watching habits parallel with my view on life. I don’t like to revisit the past and hash out things that will never be changed. Sure, I reminisce often about the memories that are most precious to me but when it comes to resurfacing past problems or arguments or difficult times, I really have no interest at all in going back. I am an eyes on the road kind of girl and I always focus on what is right there in front of me. No need to keep looking back unless it is to cherish the positive events or a valuable life lesson that came from a difficult time. Maybe it’s a silly correlation but it is one that ran through my mind today. Where do you spend most of your time? Past, present or future? You know the saying…how can we get to the next chapter if we are constantly rereading the same ones?

3 thoughts on “Where Do You Live?

  1. First off – Guardians of the Galaxy cracked me up! We loved it!
    Second – I don’t have the same philosophical issue with watching movies over and over that you do! But I respect you don’t want to watch them. Personally, I wore out my VHS copy of A Knight’s Tale and had to get the DVD. 🙂 There are a few others I am just as bad about and will watch way too many times!


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