A Temporary Break


Sometimes, when you write enough, the brain gets quiet. Sometimes it takes writing several posts a day to finally stop the thoughts, but when that moment comes that ” you got nothing”, there is a sense of relief. That quiet, calm uninterrupted feeling is a welcome change and I am going to take a moment to enjoy it. How often do you find moments like this one? How much writing do you have to do to finally find the silence? I can actually hear the clock ticking and the refrigerator running. The mind and it’s constant racing are a distraction we become so used to that we do not even recognize the power it holds until we find it’s release. What do you do to find that release?

15 thoughts on “A Temporary Break

  1. Thoughtful insight! Calming the inner chatter is the toughest job as we consciously try to shut that down. Doing consciously needs some effort and effort means some job which are again tiring. Do not hold on or focus on shutting it up. Let it run and fade.


  2. Very happy I found your page (via KL deVille’s).
    This can be a calming, beautiful moment – unless we are pressured to write something!
    I find silence and a lull in the incessant mind chatter via mindfulness and I think it is the reason I am able to sleep well at night. Sometimes our brain controls us when really it should be the opposite. Enjoy your silence & tranquility! ๐Ÿ™‚


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