Let Your Heart Be Your Guide


I thought about something today. Often times I hear people say they hope people will get what’s coming to them. I have one simple question. How in the world do we get to decide what it is we feel someone deserves? Can you imagine what kind of world we would live in if we could really inflict our wrath toward someone we feel deserves it? Can you imagine a world where we turned around and treated everyone exactly the way they treated us?What if that person treats us with such disrespect that they destroy a small part of us? Do we really want to turn around and inflict that same harm on someone to cause them the same pain they caused us? What if we treated everyone the way we want to be treated? What if we afforded the benefit to others we wish others would afford to us? What if we wished everyone we came across love, happiness and a peaceful heart?

I hear people debate all the time about whether or not we need to toughen up our kids. We don’t want to raise soft, weak individuals that express fear and pain. We want to teach them the world is a difficult place and they need to suck it up. Well, I strongly disagree.I want to raise kids to make the world a gentler more loving place. I want my kids to believe that their attitude, their words and their actions will add to the world either negatively or positively and I hope in my heart they will choose wisely. I hope they learn compassion. I hope they learn forgiveness. I hope they learn that we are all equal. I hope they learn that their anger does not justify cruel actions. I hope they learn to say I’m sorry and to reach out even when they are being pushed away. I hope they always feel love in their heart and the courage to accept people as they are without expectation and judgement. I hope they always do the right thing even if it seems like the hardest option and I pray they learn to respect themselves and others and to always, always choose respect over anything else. One of my favorite quotes is this one and I am reminded of it often.


Remember, we are all connected. Just for today wish everyone love. When we wish to harm another we ultimately end up harming ourselves. What you put out to the world will come back to you. If you feel you are the judge and jury to everyone around you, you will be held captive by the judge and jury in yourself. Stop wishing people what you think they deserve and start wishing everyone what we all deserve. We all deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, we deserve to love and to be loved and most importantly, we are meant to be happy. Watch what happens in your own life when you start to extend all of those aspects to others, when you truly wish from your heart that the people around you experience all that is good in this brief time we call life. It may not come naturally but with a little bit of practice it gets easier and easier and eventually you will know in your heart that this is your true nature. We are not meant to hate. Who will win the battle, your heart or your mind?

6 thoughts on “Let Your Heart Be Your Guide

    • Sounds like a cautious plan. I’m trying to teach the kids to do the right thing because they should and not to tie it to any outcome it may or may not create. Forget about what everyone else is doing and ALWAYS act the way that falls on the side of compassion and kindness. It’s a fine line because you want to teach them to not put up anyone’s garbage while always trying to be big when the people around you act little. Hopefully some of it will stick. It’s an ongoing lesson for me as well 😉


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