Life Is Full of Red Lights


I took Kayleigh to religious education class today. I swear I hit every single red light and ran into two trains. I guess the lesson is this. Life isn’t always going to flow along at my time pace. The way I see it, I have two choices. I can get aggravated at each delay or I can somehow find the humor in it and realize the day will just be full of them. Today, I chose to find the humor. Regardless what I decided, it wouldn’t change the fact that I would be stuck at every opportunity that arrived. Why fight or get mad over the things we just cannot control or change? Sometimes we are tested. Sometimes we pass, sometimes we fail. I guess only we can decide to float with the current or swim against it. I think, at least for today, I will float along.

6 thoughts on “Life Is Full of Red Lights

  1. I have moments like that – and Mr. T laughed at me the first time I said this, but since then he gets it – after hitting like 3 red lights in a row (Unheard of in our area) I said “What ever God is saving me from must be bad!” Mr. T giggled and asked what on Earth I was talking about – and so I told him that instead of seeing it as a frustration, I see that I have to hit these lights to slow me down, that if I was driving normally I would be headed towards a possible car accident, or run away driver, or who knows – but when I keep getting stopped, it’s just God’s way of keeping me out of harm!
    That shift in perspective helped me handle what was always a frustrating event in the past! I’m glad you chose to deal with it with humor! 🙂


  2. Kimberly, But think of how you can use that time at each read light!!! Pray for someone who is ill, etc. Keep a nail file handy at your side….but watch that rear view mirror for defensive moves like pulling up a little, etc. How about “chilling out” & relaxing! HA! Phil


  3. Very good association and caught my attention right away because I just started my blog not even a month ago and its core concept was to introduce, provide, promote, and entice original thinking and awareness to unlimited perspectives. Only I made sure to go to the very extreme, way out there analyzation allowing readers to expand on their restricted thinking without fear of entertaining crazy concepts having comfort in comparison to mine. I’ve been doing these “only in the form of writing in notebooks, and entraining friends and family with comedic rants to anything they give me to use and right on the spot I come up with “crazy” thoughts but I’m laughing at the fact that I have turned the rational into irrational by my “crazy” concepts sound rational and actually are just not in regards to public acceptance in some cases lol.

    Well, I am glad that I found your blog and before I went into full new perspective and added to your initial one of the red light green light that I asked if you would be ok with it first. Also since my writing skills are not anywhere near what I would like them to be for reflecting in writing what I’m able to say vocally. Also wanted to give you a little info and intro about myself that I’m always going to make sure that anything posted will be audience appropriate I guess is the easiest way to say it. In all the years of study and built up student loans that I put into becoming a psychologist, The one thing that is repeated and revised, over and over was in the code of ethics, not to the areas of real concern but more on what you can and can’t say (which is why I decided after all that not to practice) They make it impossible to help anyone by limiting (eliminating)lol what you can and can’t say____ off topic!!!! lol but I think you got the idea that I have been trained to be professionally filtered in any given situation.
    {{Keep in mind assume and apply everything you read with a comedic tone}}
    Now that I have fully complied with unnecessary discloser….. I feel better , don’t you? lol

    So, now that unexpected red-light has finally changed I can give you a tiny teaser of the direction my addition would go if you permit. This traffic light experience I had a few years ago was actually the trigger that starting me writing all the things that do not make any sense. Its applied to completely different aspect in human behavior but I now see another application that I can apply to yours as well. Now that you have waited long enough and my red-light here comes just teaser

    You were stuck at this red-light for good reason. Just like I have been at this intersection, but I noticed the reason we were both stuck was for proper time and attention be given to make this intersection work properly meaning no collisions….LET THEM PUT THE NEW BULB IN FOR THE YELLOW!!!!!!!! Can’t just have stop and go decisions in life taking away the yellow light is fear of the choice yellow DEMANDS QUICKLY (do you go for it, or nope not going to make it) Green is just running the course and reds as annoying as they can be some make you stop for good reason jus like others you just know its ok to go through this one by life and driving….

    Yes that was only a teaser I could go much further but wanted you to get a sense of how my brain functional malfunction puts together ANYTHING
    Hope you like it,


    • Love the input Stephen. I always stop at yellow lights, even if they just turn yellow. Rarely do I risk trying to make it through. I am more the cautious type so I totally get the point you are trying to make. Those lights are there to keep us safe and most times I guess they do. Sometimes however, there are idiots who program them and they just don’t seem to make antsy sense. Looking forward to getting to know you better and checking out your blog. I love when people comment so keep them coming 😉


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