Forever A Student


While I was lying on my yoga mat, I heard a question that really started me thinking. Are you a student or a teacher of your life? The answer is not the part that required much thought. For me, the answer is quite simple. I am a student, no doubt. I am like the eager student that gets up really early in the morning for school and wants to be dropped off long before the first bell ever rings. I do not ever assume for one moment that I know enough of everything to be a teacher of anything. I am learning new things about myself and living every day. I look for those opportunities and I grab onto them and embrace them whenever I am fortunate enough for one to arrive. There is no amount of learning I could ever do that would make me feel I have learned enough.

I have talked to some people that will argue over every sentence someone tries to speak. You know the type, the people who think they know more than everybody else and make it their life lesson to prove it to everyone else too. I just smile when I recognize it and know when I truly know with all my heart that I am almost certain about something, there becomes no need to argue or correct anyone else. Truth does not need to be proven or argued, it just is, and that is enough.

Today, observe your conversations with everyone you come in contact with. See if you can separate the students from the teachers and ask yourself, which one are you.

2 thoughts on “Forever A Student

  1. I think every person is both a teacher and a student. Each of us teach someone. Whether it be morals, values, a new perspective or academics. We certainly are all learners, learning something new every day and from different people. You’ve taught me things, or at least reminded me of them. Therefore, I consider you a teacher. Now as far as ‘know-it-alls’ are concerned, one day they’ll get knocked off their pedestals and realize that no, they don’t know it all.


    • I think you are probably right. We must be both. Your words are very kind. Your writing too has taught me many things. I think that’s what’s so unique about bloggers, we share our stories and the reader takes away something unique. The
      At something is probably different for every reader. Our intent though is to share. What happens after that, happens on it’s own. Thank you for your comment 😉


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