Lesson Finally Learned


Sometimes we don’t always learn a lesson the first time around. We have to make the same mistake over and over until finally we choose a different path. This week was no exception.

This is the second time in a row I made the wrong choice to go to Minute Clinic. We ended up being misdiagnosed, untreated and sicker than we needed to be. I even posted about the experience last time and here I am again, same situation, different day frustrated with myself.

I often wonder what that lightbulb moment is when we finally get it. How come some lessons are learned easily and others take a lot more time? I guess we need to pay more attention to the details and when something doesn’t work for us, know, that is the time we need to make a different choice the next time around.

What is a lesson that took some time for you to learn? What was it that finally made you realize what you were doing was not working?

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