A Somber Mood


Today I feel like Debbie Downer. I’m so uncomfortable in my skin. I want to escape but I’m stuck with this awful attitude with no way to change it. The good part I guess is that I am just plain uncomfortable feeling this way. I dread to think what kind of life I’d have if this was my normal. There’s always a silver lining I guess, if we look hard enough. Mine is that this will all blow through and I will be my old self again very soon. With each new day, there is the promise of something better.

What do you do that helps pull you through a difficult day?

4 thoughts on “A Somber Mood

  1. Oh. My day started off like that yesterday but I kept reminding myself that it could only get better. One or two issues were resolved and then I got a migraine and ended up in bed. Sleep always makes things better. lol


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