Are You Supportive?


Support. It doesn’t cost much and it’s value is immeasurable. It’s the touch of a hand, a kind gesture or simply just someone checking in to ask “are you okay?” What I’ve learned is it doesn’t often come from where we expect it to. Often times the source catches us by surprise and really opens our eyes to the people who truly care about us and the ones who are solely around when there is something in it for them. Be a person who supports others. Reach out, send a text or simply do something to let someone know you care. It can really make all the difference to someone who needs it. People don’t often need your advice or opinions. They just need to know you are there if and when you really need them. Will YOU be there?

10 thoughts on “Are You Supportive?

  1. this is hooey… i’m no longer going to reply positively if i have an opinion that doesn’t go along with your eutopia. Yes, it’s your blog and you can take your ball and run home if you don’t like it, but since you put it out to the cloud, it’s open for the court of public response.
    How awful it must be for friends and loved ones, unbeknowest to them, that they are being held to a standard of such expectations. There they are, the ones that we’re not suppossed to judge or put conditions to, just hanging in limbo, falling victim to the whimsical standards that are beyond their influence or even awareness.
    While you’re busy contemplating their fate, do you give thought to their day, their well being, or their capacity?
    Be thankful for the support that comes from anywhere, but don’t hold anyone the hostage of your expectations.


    • I’m not sure what you are reading into here dear. I believe my words were more about being that supportive person no matter what the circumstance. Do I sense a little guilt here? Its nice to strive to be one of the ones who isn’t so caught up in himself that he actually notices the needs of others. So there ♥️I do believe you are cranky because you are turning 50 next week 😉


  2. Support is always odd, because it’s not always reciprocal which can seem unfair, but I think not getting support from someone you thought you could count on makes you look elsewhere or within.
    I hope your son is getting better – my son has spent his life with a lot of medical issues and I know how hard it is to have them sick, and that feeling of helplessness.
    I wish you all the best. 🙂


    • Within. Yes. You have to count on yourself. That is one the person who will always be there and never let you down. My son is so much better. He goes between no fever and low grade but he is back to his energetic self. Thank you for your comments Donna ♥️


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