Sorry, Life is Just Unfair


The world is unfair they say, that’s just the way it is. Everywhere you look, in every day you live, you can find examples lurking around waiting to break your spirit. We convince ourselves it’s part of life because deep down we are afraid there is nothing we can do about it. We justify it by ignoring it and quietly whispering to ourselves, just deal with it.

Well, after giving this an immense amount of thought I came to a conclusion. The world itself is very innocent. It is people who are unfair. Quite a revelation huh? I hear people all the time say that’s just the way it is. It’s something we should learn early in life and we should hold hands with this pattern that will affect us for the rest of our lives. I can’t help but wonder why. When did we start to buy into something so ludicrous and actually believe it to be true? When did we start to stand by and take it like a passive little girl whose candy was being stolen by some great big bully. In a world full of people who don’t want to make waves, in a world full of fear of consequences mixed so eloquently together with a large tribe of butt kissers, we sadly sit by and believe there is no other option.

I am a warrior for what is right. If I am told something will happen one way, I have no reason to believe otherwise. What I have discovered though is someone’s word doesn’t mean much anymore. I have had people look me in the eye and tell me one thing, then turn around and do something entirely different. If only we were as quick to stand up to these people and demand they explain the discrepancy in their words and actions. Recently, I took this task on. It made me uncomfortable because after all, who actually holds anyone accountable for anything? Look around at what people are getting away with and the answer becomes very clear. This particular example was placed on my plate and I was forced to eat it. It happened at school. We were told the boys going out for basketball had a week of open gym followed by a week of try outs. Low and behold, the Friday of open gym, the boys were told what teams they were on. It made no sense and no-one, especially the boys had any idea it was going to happen. These poor kids didn’t even think try outs started. I wanted an explanation on the matter of principle. I wanted to know how an athletic director could stand in front of a group of people and say one thing and the next week show these boys and parents that his word meant nothing. Imagine how these boys felt being placed on a team after a week they believed was there for them to get back in shape. The crazy part? They didn’t even touch a basketball until Wednesday so what criteria did they even base their decision on anyway? It felt so wrong, so much so that it ate me alive. How could something like this happen? How could it go so wrong and so differently than how we were told it would play out? How could I possibly explain this to the child who was standing there confused with pain in his eyes looking to me to make some kind of sense out of it. I was crushed and his pain became my pain until I took some from him and then I carried more. I was mom. Was I going to stand by and take it? Expose myself by standing there in a line where I knew someone with a baseball bat was waiting to bust me in the head? Was I going to wait there foolishly and take what was coming to me even though it didn’t make sense because well, life just isn’t fair? I was stronger than that and I put on my boxing gloves as I stepped out of line. I made a new line outside the athletic directors door and I asked for an explanation. You won’t believe what happened next.

Yesterday I got an email. They opened practice back up to everyone and were going to reevaluate what teams the boys were on. Even though the lists were posted, even though it seemed like a done deal, this man had the courage to make good on his word. The results may stay the same. The boys may be placed right back on the original teams but those boys will also learn that when that man tells them something, they can count on his word. I have a tremendous amount of respect for someone who tries to make something right in the name of principle. It was a small win for humanity and our promise and trust in each other. There is hope, we just need more people brave enough to bring on the revolution. I can’t fight alone.

8 thoughts on “Sorry, Life is Just Unfair

  1. Good for you for stepping up. This is such a great lesson to show others that we really can make a difference, and we don’t have to be walked on. Also, that a man (a person) can still keep their word. Our word is so very important.


  2. As you have started to notice, I search for an underlying and beneficial way of perceiving things. I’ve already mentioned that I do not stand by any statements or views I mention, for they are in the purpose of opening up new way of interpreting and analyzing thoughts when emotions sometimes obstruct us from doing so.

    Before I go into that I would like to first mention that I admire your engagement in challenging this issue that you knew to be wrongful. If only more people would start to question things and challenge them rather than “taking it” because they have been led to believe “it is what it is”.

    Now, for my perspective on this issue that can put a positive spin on it.

    These boys have been luck enough to experience a valuable education that no classroom could possible teach them. They have been exposed to the deceitful element that unfortunately exist in society and will be presented to them throughout life. This has given them a relatively safe example showing deceit in which they should not feel down on themselves. It was a very beneficial learning experience that was not read or taught, but, was real personal exposure.

    Because of this they know that we should give people the benefit of the doubt and have faith in people as well as their intentions. The key is to realize that their is a deceitful and corruptive group of people that they now recognize and can become aware to it. Have faith in people, but don’t let faith blind you as this is the tool used by those looking to take advantage.


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