A Friend In The Crowd


Sometimes we try and try to bond with all kinds of people. It is actually possible to feel more alone in a crowd of the wrong people than it does to be in a room by myself. Sometimes you just mesh with another human being. The soul knows what the soul knows and it is out of those blessed interactions that true friendship blossoms. I’ve learned lately that I no longer have time for the people who do not serve my soul. Every single person causes an internal feeling or reaction. I am learning more and more to trust that internal meter and not waste precious moments on the ones who are not a fit. There are people who reduce us and ones who lift us up to soar. There will always be both types and in that respect when it comes to interacting with both, there will never really be a choice. But, where we choose to put our time, the people we choose to spend it with is completely up to us. Knowledge is power and your instincts are a great place to start. Be kind to everyone but limit your time with the ones who bring you down. Being alone is not so bad but feeling alone in the company of others is truly devastating.

10 thoughts on “A Friend In The Crowd

  1. I completely agree. People can help us grow or stunt us. We simply need to embrace the positivity and rid the negativity. I love individualism and diversity but underneath we also need to find a kinship and shared values:)

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  2. I was just talking to a friend of mine about this the other day, how I’ve been consciously weeding through my friends and how I know it’s okay that our time is done because I’m not worried about losing them – you hit in on the head, they have to feed my soul. And I only want to be in the lives of others if I am in turn enriching them! Beautiful post!


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