How do we get so caught up in the way things are? Why do we believe we can control even the tiniest detail of anything that comes along? Why do we spend countless hours of energy fighting and complaining about what is when there is nothing we can actually do to change the circumstance we are in? At what point do we stop talking about the way we want something to be and find acceptance for what it is going to be? We all waste time rehashing things in our mind, it can literally suck out all our hope when at the end of the day, it will still be what it really is. There comes a time when we want to live better, when we don’t want to remain stuck in the things we do not have the power to change. Life becomes so painful that we just have to move on and leave our expectations behind. Expectations can rob us of happiness. Expectations paint a picture that can only be created by a paintbrush and paint. Expectations blind us from the love and beauty that is standing right in front of us that we never have the chance to feel or see. Expectations punish the people in our lives. Expectations put restrictions on the amount of love we can feel toward others. Expectations are like a prison that we build for ourselves while we try and convince ourselves we have no way out. Expectations suck and I really resent them.

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