Mind Your Own Business


I made a serious commitment with myself today to mind my own damn business. What does that mean exactly? Well, I am choosing to have little concern when it comes to the flaws of others. I am choosing not to look for them, not to talk about them, and certainly not to focus on them. I am giving myself the gift of becoming disengaged from the opinions others have of me. Can you imagine the freedom that comes with that one tiny new decision? I’ve learned this year that I can be myself. I am who I am and I am not afraid to show both my strengths and weaknesses to the rest of the world. I’ve learned that someone’s idea of who I am is more of a reaction they have to me than it is about me at all. We bring stuff out in others. Who knows why? Maybe we see something in them that we don’t like about ourselves but we cannot see it in our own reflection and project our dislike onto someone else. Maybe someone doesn’t like the way we look or the way we speak. Maybe someone doesn’t know us at all but believes their opinions of us are really the truth. There is no possible way I will ever get everyone to like me. You know what I decided? That’s okay and better yet, I will no longer waste precious time trying to explain who I am or trying to convince someone to like me more. I am me without apology so I am forever released from the anguish of the opinions of others. When you know who you are and like who you’ve become, you can live life with the freedom to never look back over your shoulder wondering what people think. Opinions are never going away. People will always have them. My advice, mind your own business and don’t let the opinions of others consume you anymore. Be who you are, do what you do and be grateful for the people who appreciate you just the way you are. That my friends is a good plan.

4 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Business

    I say awareness because that is exactly what it is. You have become aware that people project their own opinions and interpretations on us as well as we also do the same to them. It’s very important to understand for yourself that while others are projecting on us we are also doing the same thing… It seems like that is what you are talking about (maybe I am projecting) … but, I think this is what you are referring to..
    It is that vicious cycle of wasted explanation and clarification of blahhhh …
    Instead of explaining and understanding to others I always openly welcome opposing opinions and individual thoughts and ideas. I never take it personal or offensive, as well as I wouldn’t want to have anyone take what I say as a personal “emotional” offensive discussion.
    We (people) in general have seem to been distracted by emotional application of opinions that result in conflict and offensive deflection from communication in a constructive way..
    It is more productive to have opposition to an idea than agreement to one.. Meaning that I would rather have someone oppose and debate an idea than agree with it. I never would assume or stand firm in being correct, I only wish to seek an understanding beyond my personal thought..
    Opposition is not synonymous with offensive


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