The Meaning of Life


I have spent forty plus years searching for the meaning of things. As much as I have tried to make sense out of the experiences of this life, they never have or never will make sense. I get that now. Just because I come up with an exceptional notion of why something is the way it is, does not in the least ever make it true. I realize now I have to stop labeling things and defining things and just try and deal with them in the passing moment that is the here and now. I could waste so much time trying to find the answer to something that was never even a question in the first place. I remind myself often that the mind has an agenda of its own and that is to over think. The problem is there are so many more parts to me and my job is to keep them all balanced. Should I see with my eyes or with my heart? Should I think with my mind and opinions or be led by my soul? It’s a battle and one part is always trying to take over. I believe that is how our vision or perception of life and people can really get tainted. Add our oversized ego to that and our opinions and views become a whole lot smaller.

I guess for me, I have found peace judging and assuming less and observing and accepting more. I know I don’t have all of the answers. I know my thoughts can’t all be right. I accept that others are different than me and I must find a way to accept their truth as much as my own. I can’t shove my opinions on anyone else and who am I to think I have the slightest right to judge another? People are always finding fault. I can’t help but wonder if they are like that with themselves as well. For me, it is no way to live. I am less concerned with what makes others tick and what encourages people to behave and speak the way they do. It is not my concern and none of my business. It’s bad enough I judge myself. We are not here to pick out flaws. We are not here to find all the answers. I believe we are here to love and respect and experience and in the midst of all of that to find our own version of peace. Does that make me right? Definitely not but I like to believe that is a good enough purpose as any I have ever heard. Come from a place of love and acceptance. One of my new mantras this year. The other is, don’t be an asshole. I follow Jennifer Pastiloff on Facebook and she does this video series based on this premise. It’s motivational and a reminder to do your best, be your best version of yourself and don’t take life too seriously. Learn and move on and that’s just what I am trying to do.

Maybe there is no real meaning of life. Maybe it is much simpler than we make it out to be. Perhaps it is simply living in each and every moment and not wasting time just going through the motions. There is a difference, don’t you think?

11 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life

  1. As we have both agreed on other topics and posts- everyone as an individual has that right in any matter to think and believe what they choose to.
    We should all just share our thoughts openly like your blog has done and not be mistaken as anything more than is openly sharing our perceptions.
    That’s why I enjoy your blog and posts… Because they are just your honest thoughts and perceptions which everyone has and should share with us who are open and willing to hear them without judgement or challenge.

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  2. Getting deep in here, I love it! 🙂 I’m not going to jump into a philosophical diatribe about meaning of life, because I do think it matters through which prism you view the world. I think your last thought is very good, that we should try to live each day as if it were new, rather than let decades pass us by as we stay stuck in the same rut and routine.

    For me the truth is one word: Love. That’s it. It may be too simple for some, but it’s what speaks to me. When I’m in Nature it’s what I feel. We’re all energy… I am, you are, bushes are, trees are, the ocean is. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can shift phases and forms. When this body ceases to live, the energy contained therein will go somewhere, and I don’t pretend to know whether it will manifest as another life (human, animal, or other) or if it blends with the ether. But it will continue. Therefore I’m just temporarily occupying this phase of “life” and what that means is I’m the same as you and therefore, should love you the same as myself.

    When I walk in Nature and open my eyes without assuming, I see love. Even as an owl eats a mouse there is no hate, malice, nor spite, it’s part of what is. Energy is constantly manifesting forms, and changing them. Even as we pollute the Earth, it does not hate us, we live in short moments, the Earth lives in the infinite time. In 4 or 5 billion years the star we circle will explode, and the Earth will cease to be as it is now, another change. It will happen without hate, spite, or resistance… it just will be. I am. You are. We have this extremely brief opportunity to be manifested as a human with these thoughts, this world, and this time. Our time in this form will eventually cease, and that’s Ok. But while I’m here, I want to try to take advantage. And what that means to me is Love. I want to try to spread Love as much as I can and live peacefully without hurting those whose path I cross.

    Well, I ended up getting a bit philosophical, but your article begged for it! heheh, so there’s my personal answer: Love.

    Have an amazing day,
    Zachary ❤


    • As usual…the right words at the right time. I am all about love but darn it, as soon as I am around people I fall victim to the shameful parts that make me human. My heart is in the right place and then my mind takes me someplace else. I am working on meshing the two together. Nature makes me feel alive. What tremendous peace I feel when I look at a sunset or the stars in the sky. Now to find a way to hold onto that peace in the presence of others. To stop reacting and remember we are all love and not to judge. That my friend is a challenge.

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      • Absolutely! Everytime I leave Nature I try as hard as I can to remember the peace afforded in those moments. A great reminder, keep up the good work and stay strong. I personally when I see trees or Nature try to remember that feeling as if I was in the forest and all the Love there, I try to draw energy from nature as I continue to push forward, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. I believe in you! 🙂


  3. Putting aside my view about “truth” ………
    I’m always happy to see any reference to nature! It may be possible that all of the answers could be in nature…..

    Isn’t it amazing how everything in nature seems to work in a rhythmic and “natural” way?

    Not to my surprise, the definition of “natural” – existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind


    Leaving out all the obvious concerns that apply to this topic—–

    Why are humans unable to live and accept a life that is “natural”?
    Without including the unlimited power our emotions have on our thoughts…..
    Well……. Maybe, I’m getting too emotionally involved …. haha

    When does a emotional based thought become illogical?


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