Are Parents Becoming Extinct?


Times are changing. My daughter is a reminder of that every single day. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the will to parent. Let me explain. I am trying so hard to teach my daughter about this thing we call life. The problem is that life is slowly eliminating the parents from the children’s lives. Tonight was her 2nd semi-formal dance. Back in prehistoric times, when there was a dance, we went to the dance. Today however, the kids meet at a hotel for pictures, hop on a party bus that takes them to dinner, stops at the dance for 20 minutes and drives around for the rest of the night. I am a dinosaur. I am trying so hard to up adapt to these changing generations but I admit I am finding it pretty hard. Remember the days the date would come to the girls house along with the parents to take pictures? I am sad to report that the parents don’t even bother to see their kids dressed. Two years in a row, kids have gotten dressed at my house but where are the parents? If I’m being honest, it seems the boys parents are more involved than the girls parents. Meeting your date at the pick up point? Weird if you ask me but I was lucky enough the boys parents were brave enough to barge through the crowd of teens to snap a picture so I figured, what the heck, and I followed. These kids need us to be involved. Where have all the parents gone? What in the world could be more important than watching the milestones as they arrive? Things just don’t look the same when we catch a fleeting glance in our rear view mirror. I realize more and more how important it is to be in my kids lives regardless of how much they fight me. The truth is, they probably want me there front and center for it all. It’s just awkward when they look around and there are only a handful of dinosaurs there. How conflicted they must being knowing how awkward it looks for their parents to be there for every single detail while most kids are standing there alone. The strong, the brave, the few….the small number of involved parents slowly becoming extinct.

7 thoughts on “Are Parents Becoming Extinct?

  1. My personal opinion is that parents are way to involved or actively concerned how they are parenting….. Usually it is the educated parents that are excessively and sometimes obsessively OVER-PARENTING THESE KIDS
    This is something I have observed by growing up and living in-between two major generational shifts….

    Growing as a kid-
    I had no helmets, no computers, no “structure” or “scheduled” activities.
    I was expected to check in when the street lights came on
    If I got into a fight with someone- We usually tried to not let any parents know because the punishment would be worse than the fight (no one sued)
    Whenever we fell down, bruised , cut, or bleeding —— Our parents would usually send us back out to play….

    Kids are medicated, over analyzed, over expected to achieve the level of standard- and if not that they must take special testing and be placed in a appropriate educational environment.
    They have helmets, usually not needed since they are digitally enslaved which eliminates any physical activity
    They have 2nd grade student applying algebra to simple math lol
    They are always being watched and analyzed by parents, etchers, coaches, to identify any possible developmental issues that may require medication.

    Once again—- I’m going on and on!!!!!


    It would have been easier for me to say that I feel the parents in the previous generation without higher education were much better parents without trying to be – than those who are now actively trying to be parents

    These kids will grow regardless…. No extra effort is needed, only simple and natural guidance


    • I can’t argue those points at all nor will I try. I remember getting an email from a teacher last year because my 7th grader borrowed too many pencils. My response, send him to detention. Jimmy jumped in a puddle at recess today…no way really? I do agree kids are being watched way too closely. However, it is what is being monitored that is the problem. Don’t tell Billy when to run to each base, let him think for himself. However, I have seen kids stranded everywhere. Parents aren’t even around to drive their kids. Kids are Overdosing on pain pills in middle school and cutting themselves. They are having sex younger and younger. Their SCREAMINg out for attention and still no one is listening. Their relationships are shallow. They relate to others through cell phones and eye contact and communication have become a thing of the past. These kids do sports with no parent in the bleacher and having to mooch a ride home. The parents are as busy and distracted as the kids and it’s convenient for everybody. How many families do you think sit down to dinner together at night? I know what I see and it’s heart breaking. Perhaps that is why there is such a drastic difference in kids when I grew up and kids today. When parents are so far removed, the kids take on the roll of being adults and believe they know more than the adults around them. You can’t tell them anything because they already know everything. Believe me, I am all for balance but it is tough to find if you are truly a good parent.


  2. junaid saleh

    I come from a totally opposite society, but I can understand your feelings! In our society, elders have the most respect and children are bound to listen to them and follow their orders. Parents, grand parents, uncles, aunts, all these people are greatly respected by the young ones. We kiss their hands when we greet them, that’s the level of respect they hold! That’s the cultural factor. In addition to that, religion also plays an important role in keeping family values intact. Our religion directly tells us that whoever disregards his/her parents, he/she will burn in hell. And whoever keeps his/her parents happy, he/she will go to heaven. Our religion gives special status to mother. Islam says “heaven lies under the feet of your mother”. That means, if you want to be successful in this life and the hereafter, you must treat your mother well, because God directly responds to the prayers of a mother!
    I don’t know if it is right or not, but I have heard that in the USA and other western societies, the concept of family is diminishing, the concept of marriage is forgotten… this is not good! I think, it is because people are no more following their religion. Islam, Christianity and Judaism, they all teach family values, modesty and all virtues of good life! When you remove religion from your life, you close a very important door to a better life!

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    • You are very wise. YOU make so many valid points and you got it exactly right. Respect, God and family are becoming a thing in the past here in my country and slowly and sadly it is falling apart. I admire places were those three things are still priorities. You are very blessed

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  3. You know I’m an old dinosaur 😀 Now that I’m helping my 3rd teen through life, I can vouch for what you are saying…and there is hope. I noted that kids prepped at your house. What a privilege, right? I love when groups of kids go from house to house, which is different than when I was a kid. We rarely actually went into each other’s homes! My kids have a much better sense of their friends when they get to know their families, especially the parents and vice versa. So while some of the parents in my kids’ circles will miss the prom photos, they will likely be the ones to catch the baseball game.

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