My Peace I Give


I caught it tonight’s, right at the perfect moment. Tonight I missed yoga to have a movie day with my family. The topic today was feeling the peace of God. I do believe that truly experiencing those moments of peace are the ones that feel most fulfilling. As I looked out the back window a moment ago, the beautiful shades of orange and pink made my heart stand still. I haven’t seen a sunset this beautiful in a long time. It was like looking peace right in the eye and pulling it straight into my heart. I am grateful for the little moments. For moments like these, when I catch a glimpse of what peace really is on so many different amazing levels. My intention tonight is to have more moments of peace and for everyone reading this to experience that same kind of peace too. The kind of peace that makes you say thank you for where I am and can I please stay here just a little bit longer. Many blessings tonight and always. Peace be with each and every one of you.

3 thoughts on “My Peace I Give

  1. junaid saleh

    A very beautiful blog post, indeed!
    Sometimes I just look at the sky and with a smile I say “God, you are so great”. And whenever I do that, I feel like God is smiling back, that feeling of peace and joy can’t be explained in words! I ask you to do the same today. Just look at the blue of the sky and praise God with a smile! And then tell me what your heart felt! 🙂

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