A Mothers Love


A mothers love goes deep.

It goes deeper than the look on our face or the mood that we’re in.

It goes beyond our mistakes, our flaws, our bad choices.

It goes beyond our grades, the way we look or the degree hanging on our wall.

A mother sees it all, the whole picture, and none of that makes her love us any less.

She sees the look on our face as stress.

She hears the anxiety behind our words.

She sees our value on top of our degree.

She sees our flaws as uniqueness, our beauty that goes far beneath our skin.

She sees our bad choices as stepping stones that help us get to the next place.

She sees our strength, our beauty, the magnitude of our heart.

She sees and she does not judge.

She looks and she always loves.

A mothers love is like the ground beneath our feet, always solid, always safe and always welcoming.

A mothers love never ends and is always felt deep in our heart no matter where she might be.

14 thoughts on “A Mothers Love

      • Tell me your twitter handle, and I’ll follow you there as well. I am new too. This event is my delve into events and Twitter which is very foreign to me, getting things to go where I want or how I want on twitter.

        Also, somehow something has broken on my event page and people are not able to upload their linkz. I am putting in a ticket with the webhost today. But event closes on the 20th so hopefully people will be able to still have interest after this is resolved! Thanks for your support and good luck!


  1. We’ve missed your wonderful energy over at Memee’s Poetry Parties. I hope you’ll consider joining us in some of the upcoming monthly linkups! I am taking time today to drop by my poetic partygoers websites to present them with a partygoer badge that I have just created for Memee’s Poetry Party participants. I am hoping it will help get the word out and increase our party sizes! Maybe place it on an award page or put it in your next party piece, resize it to fit in the sidebar or footer, etc.

    Here’ s the code!


    Hope to see you around the punch bowl!

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