Dear Teacher, It’s Me. ADD


Dear Teacher,

Hi. My name is ADD. You think I look familiar but actually, we have never met. I believe you have mistaken me for ADHD who sits across form me fidgeting in his seat. We may look the same, but we are not the same. I don’t fidget. I sit quietly still and I have learned over time how to blend in. I try and not bring attention to myself. I hope you do not see me, that you never call on me. I don’t have many answers. Often times, I do not even understand the questions. I see everyone around me working and I sit here not knowing what to do. If I ask for help, the other kids might laugh at me. They are so smart and I am, well, quiet. I look busy like everyone else. I hold my pencil to my paper and I move it around but when I take it home to finish ,my mom doesn’t understand why it’s blank. We argue a lot over homework and sometimes she cries. She doesn’t understand why I can’t get my work done in school and neither do I. I feel ashamed. When I am supposed to be thinking about my work, my mind races with other things. What should I have for lunch and which avatar will I be when I get home to play that video game? I see the teachers mouth moving but I can’t hear her talking. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I concentrate? Will I ever be normal? Will anyone ever see that I need help. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quiet. Maybe I shouldn’t sit so still. Maybe I should act out like the other kids who get so much attention. The teacher sees them. Why can’t she see me? Oh that’s right, I was writing a letter.

Dear Teacher,
I hope someday you see me. I sit in the back of your class. I am quiet. I behave. I look busy but I can’t do my work. I need your help. Maybe if you walked around the class you would see my paper is blank. Maybe if you see my paper is blank, you will help me and I won’t have to be embarrassed to ask in front of the other kids. Maybe if you see me I will feel like you care and I will have the courage to ask for the help I know I need. Maybe I’ll just sit in the back of class and never say a word. My mom is waiting to help me at home. I can get the work done there. Maybe you will never know I can’t do it by myself. Maybe you just don’t care. 



Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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