Jesse and the man in the suit – Compassion isn’t complicated


Please take the time to read this post from one of my favorite writers. It is truly beautiful.

The Qwiet Muse

The ‪#‎1000Speak‬ day of compassion -compassion awareness- is almost here! On the 20th, bloggers from around the globe will be posting their stories and thoughts about compassion. I hope you are blessed enough to read many of them, all of them!

I also hope you join us in spreading this message of compassion. Sometimes it’s easy to find ourselves wondering if there is any compassion left in this world . . . there is and it is beautiful.

Help us reach as many hearts as we can by sharing, liking, and tweeting the #1000Speak posts you come across.

Be a part of compassion in action!

I am a consummate people watcher, seeing people outside of their inner circles, their comfort zones, and their safety nets while out shopping and running errands is fascinating. People tend to be at their most real when out and about, alone, without putting on…

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