Mini Cadbury Eggs…YUM!


I like to put my posts on Facebook. It’s an odd platform when you are a blogger, especially if it is your personal Facebook site. Not too many people read the posts there but still there are a few. Most just carry on with their banter and pretend I didn’t just throw myself in the middle of the road, split wide open with my guts exposed. It doesn’t really matter I guess. If people want to really know who I am then great and if they don’t, then that’s okay too. People are superficial. They are rushed, self absorbed. They find silly little games and apps more entertaining than nurturing valuable friendships. Sometimes it’s hard to admit people just don’t care. However, if I post something like “You know those mini hard shelled Cadbury eggs? They’re back!” Then all of a sudden I grab their attention. I want to believe my life has more value to them than a Cadbury egg, but I guess it’s time to face the truth. Cadbury eggs are much more exciting. I think that’s what I’ll call this post, Cadbury eggs and maybe someone will click on it.

2 thoughts on “Mini Cadbury Eggs…YUM!

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