When Our World is Collapsing


What are you caught up in these days? What is on your mind the most? I think it’s safe to say that we are slowly drowning in the headlines. The news tells the story of some pretty horrific times. I am trying my best to stay informed about what is going on around me while at the same time not immersing myself so much that I sink so low I may never reach the surface again. Some ask, why aren’t we doing anything? I read a post on Facebook earlier regarding this very question and the comment feed left me baffled and confused. The most common response is WhAT CAN we do? We are all so different and our concerns and beliefs are different too. How can we come together to get even a single common goal? We disagree on everything. I’m starting to wonder if we just love a good fight. There are two sides to every coin. There’s peace, there’s war, love and hate. We can look at the same situation and see it entirely different ways. When I watched the video of those Christians getting their heads off, I don’t even know. Some will wonder, why would she look? Others will ask, how can you bring yourself to look away? The question should be, how does it make you feel? In that moment when you do look, what do you feel in your heart? Yes different, that all we are.

I believe we are here to make subtle differences. An act of kindness and compassion can change a persons heart in the most profound way. Just the same, the most horrific act can turn a loving heart cold and fill it with hate. Do not let the acts of others turn you cold. It’s painful to look into the eyes of the demons who makes you feel most uncomfortable. It leaves you feeling scared and vulnerable. Don’t forget to look into the eyes of the people who are screaming out in pain and allow your heart to swell with love and compassion, a wanting for a better world filled with better people and respect for every fellow human being. Somewhere along the way we got lost and we have to find the way back all by ourselves, one person at a time on whatever path will take us there. Don’t give up. Don’t let your heart harden. Do those little things that make the biggest difference. Pick up the phone and tell someone you are thinking about them. Ask a stranger carrying packages if they need some help. Hold open a door for the person behind you. Look at someone and smile. Everyone needs more of knowing someone cares, that they are important and valid and most importantly loved. Be that person. Make people notice. Do your part and one small act at a time, you will make a difference.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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