The girl, The bird, and The Terrible Plan


Sometimes I come up with what I think is an amazing plan but I neglect to focus on the tiny details that make all the difference. I have lived here for five years. Every spring, the barn swallows build there nests at my front and back door. At first I enjoyed them very much. I waited and waited for the babies to hatch and I would lovingly sit and count the days until their first venture out of the nest. What I realized though is their droppings are very toxic. They were everywhere rotting the paint off my fence, my outdoor furniture and statues and it was everywhere. You had to watch where you would sit, step…it was totally gross. I read online that the birds do not like the texture of plastic so I had this genius idea to use clear tape to cover the corners on my front porch. I climbed up the ladder and taped like a madman. 

Hours later, I returned home to find a bird sitting over my front door. The tape had come loose and somehow wrapped itself around the birds wing. At first I thought it was funny until I climbed the ladder and the bird appeared not to move. I was devastated and thought for sure his wing was broken. His eyes met mine and my heart began to hurt. What did I do to this perfect little bird? With my husbands help, I was able to carefully cut the tape loose and peel it off his wing. My heart was pounding as I waited, watching to see if he could fly. Off he went and I was feeling extremely grateful. Sometimes our best intentions do not turn out so great. Lesson learned. I was so caught up in my own selfishness that could have cost this bird his life. Luckily, alls well that ends well. I always love a happy ending. 



If I Had A Tagline


Today’s prompt from the Daily Post:

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be? 

I searched some familiar taglines and I could identify with many of them. I think what sets me apart from many is the way I see things and the way I am constantly striving to actively see things in a new way or a different perspective perhaps. So, I would choose the tagline THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Don’t get sucked into media influence or following the crowd. Think things through and soul search until your mind is comfortable with how to think best for you. Be a leader, an innovator, blaze your own trail and if the path seems exciting, slowly people will follow. Be comfortable doing you no matter what the consequence,

What would your tagline be? Mine is JUST DO YOU. My soul is what matters most so I will think, behave and act in a way that suits my soul and have no concern for what anyone else thinks of me. Be accountable for who you are and lead by example.

Flip The Coin


I just read the article on Facebook about Starbucks supporting marriage equality and that after taking such a stance their proceeds were down. Despite that fact, they will continue to support the diversity interwoven among their own employees and carry on. A friend commented “good, now they will be getting more of my money”. 

I guess it’s odd for me to comprehend how people can choose to boycott or support a company based on their outspoken beliefs. We have the right to believe anything that feels right with our soul. That part I clearly understand but to actually boycott or actively support a company based on their views seems a little drastic to me. A persons beliefs will never influence whether or not I buy a cup of coffee in their store. Why oh why do we feel we have to punish or support every single action? I am grateful I can keep the two separate. I like the separate part. People and companies are more than their thoughts and beliefs. They are real human beings who build a company , work hard and try to make a living just like everyone else. Do people have the right to boycott or support businesses? Of course they do but let’s ask that in reverse….do you believe businesses should have the right to deny services to customers based on beliefs? Always a double standard that people forget to see in both directions. Just something to think about today. Which side of the coin are you on?

Can You Be Honest?


1) Do you feel personally attacked or offended when someone has a viewpoint that differs from your own?

2) Do you get angry or feel resentful when someone disagrees with you?

Why in the world am I asking these questions? It’s taken me a very long time to learn the real meaning of agreeing to disagree. If I would blog about something important to me and someone would disagree, I used to take it very personally. Now, I am comfortable in the things I believe while at the same time understanding that believing something does not make it true or right for anyone else. I have also learned to listen to someone else’s viewpoint in a way I can really understand where he or she is coming from, NOT with the intent of arguing or trying to change anyone’s mind. Listening and trying to be understanding and empathetic when it comes to what makes someone think the way they do or act the way they act can develop into a deep respect for each other’s differences. If we go beyond the words and really understand the passion behind a particular belief, maybe we won’t be able to agree but we may be able to better understand. Mutual respect, couldn’t we all use a bit more of that. Empathy, kindness…spread more of that. Someone has to do it, why not YOU?

My Slice of Heaven


Do you have a favorite time of day? Mine is right about the time the sun goes down. I love the way the sunset casts a heavenly shadow of color all around me. It is a moment of calm in my day, a quiet solitude where I feel nothing but gratitude for the beauty around me. This is what I am blessed to see every evening. Take a look.


Perspective In A Simple Question


My son decided he didn’t need to study for his science test last week. I tried to force him and then I remembered that sometimes bad decisions teach for themselves. Sure enough, he got a 67, his lowest grade of the whole year. Usually I would be angry and maybe take his video games away but I realized he is 13 years old now and needs to make decisions for himself and accept responsibility and the consequences. It is not my grade, it is his. Every time I panic or get upset lately, I ask myself this simple question: In the course of my lifetime, what does it matter? The answer was simple. In the course of a lifetime, a bad grade does not matter. It is not the end of the world

What Do YOU Love?


What do you love? What is it that moves you to a place where every inch of your being feels love and happiness? When is the last time you felt that way?

I was cleaning up a little bit last night and the sound of my sons laughter came rolling down the stairs. He is such a happy kid and when he laughs, it comes from a place deep inside. I love when the people I love are happy. I love when good things happen to them and I can catch that look in their eyes or that smile on their face. I love when something wonderful and unexpected catches me by surprise or when I find myself enjoying a quiet moment of peace embraced in its calm. I love random and planned acts of kindness and coffee and conversation with a good friend. I love when someone texts or calls out of the blue just to tell me they are thinking of me. I love when my husband responds with love and patience when I take a fighting stance. I love to watch my kids sleep, play sports, read. I love a beautiful sunny spring day with a gentle breeze. I love when a list of things I love flows so free and easily from my fingertips. I love the freedom and release that comes with blogging. I love that people read and take the time to comment. Your turn, go.

What Is Your Heart Full Of?


How do you know your heart is in the right place? What is it that leaves it feeling full or empty? Today I watched a video of a young girl skating. She is the daughter of an old friend and as I watched her doing something she clearly loved, gliding so gracefully over the ice, I could feel my heart start to swell. It dawned on me that when we are in a constant state of seeking winning, looking the best, being the best, paying thousands of dollars for private lessons in five different sports so our kid can be the best, then our happiness will always depend on the belief that we are one step above the people around us. But, when we look for the best in others, when we can step back and appreciate who they are and see the effort and beauty in their personal best, our heart takes a different direction. We are always competing. The jealousy and the envy can near destroy us if our happiness is conditional and depends on how we see ourselves compared to others. Comparison robs us of our happiness and leaves us never feeling good enough. If only we could turn that around and realize we have different abilities and that’s okay. If we could really want the best for everyone around us instead of secretly wanting to hoard it for ourselves, happiness would find a home inside each and every one of us. There is no shortage of talent, or beauty or ability but we convince ourselves there is. No doubt there is an abundance of talent and uniqueness and knowing this simple fact should be enough to bond us together instead of tearing us apart. When you look at everyone from a place of love instead of fear that they have something you don’t have or are better at something than you will ever be then you will cheat yourself from ever truly feeling full. 

When Expectations Fall Short


Don’t be mad at the situation, be mad at your expectations.  

I read this line somewhere today and it jumped off the page and poked me in the arm. It’s very consistent with many of my posts this weekend and this lesson wanted to kick me in the backside one more time to make sure I don’t forget. I thought it was worth sharing so here it is one more time.

Don’t be mad at the situation, be mad at your expectations.