Commitment Huh?


There seems to be a growing trend I am noticing among todays teens.  Quitting. When things seem to get a little bit boring and somewhat uncomfortable, they don’t think twice and bail. They switch schools, they quit sports and the list goes on and on. When I grew up, my mother was a strong advocate for the “you signed up and now you will see it through” club. There wasn’t an option to quit in the middle of something because I was tired or bored or having a bad stretch of life. Quitting just wasn’t an option. If I didn’t like school for a time, I had to go anyway, suck it up, do what was expected of me. I didn’t have the option to run back and forth between schools so I had a new and exciting social life. It’s quite disturbing to me that there is a widespread lack of follow through. Can you imagine the divorce rate a few years from now when these teens are already showing a lack of commitment in so many of things they are part of? If they don’t like something, they will choose another option. Sure, I guess you could say this could be a good thing If used properly but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe they have a chance to be really happy because they won’t allow themselves to become stuck in a place that does not feel good. I just wish, with my own two kids that my commitment to commitment will be enough. I believe character is so important and if you aren’t dedicated to something, where will your life lead? 

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