How Do You Feel Friday


How do you feel about people who use social media as a way to bombard people with their political views?

As for me, I find it a turn off. I have views just like anybody else. Occasionally I may even post a few but to see it day after day after day after day completely shuts me off to the whole idea the person to trying send. I don’t like to be berated about anything. I am open to hearing someone’s perception about something but when someone is so wrapped up in forcing their political tirade with little regard that maybe someone does not agree, it becomes too much. I hide the page, I stop reading and the sight of their name across my page leaves me with ill feelings. I guess for some, they feel so passionate that they believe they are spreading information for a worthy cause. The problem is there are as many causes as there are people. Should I really know where you stand on every single issue because the number of posts that apply to only these issues? I don’t know. I heard you the first two million times. I get that you believe in this or believe in that, I guess I just wish I didn’t hear about it all the time. Sure it is your right to post whatever you want, but you do realize that you shutting yourself off from the minds you try and change right? What do you think?

6 thoughts on “How Do You Feel Friday

    • Is 80-90% of what you share the same thing? I do get that logic though. I just don’t want to turn off the friends I’ve had for years because maybe our political views are not the same. Thanks for commenting though because I really like to understand where people are coming from. Often it’s different than what I assumed 😉

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