Time To Get Moving


This silly belief that we are not good enough is enough to put our entire lives on hold. I pass up the opportunity to step into my own skin and do exactly what I am meant to do because of this deep seated fear that I just cannot do it. What if this and what if that takes over the logical side that quietly whispers, you’ve got this, let’s do this thing and let’s do it NOW. The years are blowing by like 90 mph winds and I am standing there holding on for dear life instead of letting go. Time to fly, time to move, time to get going to wherever it is I want to go. That is the secret I think. To ask the question, what do I really want and pick up my feet to move in that direction. One small step after another is all it takes to finally get close enough to grasp what is eagerly waiting for me to hold on to and finally have the courage to sit back and enjoy the ride. Thoughts are so limiting but our dreams and ambitions and gifts are limitless. How can anyone possibly fail when they step into a role that is a perfect fit for their very own soul? What have you passed up because you are simply too afraid to take a chance?

7 thoughts on “Time To Get Moving

  1. That somewhat goes with what I posted yesterday. I also keep myself from trying things because of my fear of failure or lack of skill. But, have I even tried? If not, how will I ever know if I can do it or not?

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