When The Point Gets Lost


Why does everything boil down to competition and having to be the best? Some will argue competition is necessary and improves the performance of most at the end of a season. I beg to differ though as to what is actually better. 

My daughter is part of a fundraising committee for high school. The kids compete against each other to raise the most money. There was one kid actually trying to sneak the online contributions that clearly belonged to other classmates. The sneakiness and the cut throat battle to be the best did result in something but unfortunately not what I was hoping for. Somewhere, in the midst of trying to one up one another, these kids were cheated the beautiful experience of coming together for the greater good. What should and could have been a meaningful bonding together to make a difference in something selfless and important turned into a selfish battle to wear the crown of who brought in the most money. Maybe if the emphasis was really about raising money for the charity while setting an overall goal with no credit to who did less or who did more, maybe then they would discover the real reason behind giving in the first place, to help others and feel good about doing it.  Maybe we should stop patting the best on the back and pat everyone on the back for doing their best. I guess I’m just a dreamer and my ideas are not shared by the norm but giving without getting something in return is a beautiful gift for the whole world. Did the kids raise more money because this was a competition? Maybe, but was it worth the valuable lesson that somehow got skipped over in the blur of going round after round in the center ring? I don’t think so. What do you think? Imagine a contest that encouraged the winner be the most honest or the most altruistic.

5 thoughts on “When The Point Gets Lost

  1. That’s why I love baseball! There are rules to follow, excellence to strive for, and either my kid pitches well or he doesn’t in clear sight of all watching.

    Funny, for my son’s baseball team popcorn fundraiser, he figured out how to get more money for the team (through straight donations) while also taking orders for popcorn which he gave to his friend to help him “win” a prize for selling a certain number of popcorn bags, or whatever. So my son raised more money than many of his teammates but didn’t get a prize (which he didn’t want) because he gave away his popcorn orders. He was pretty proud of himself that he was above all of it because he said, “Isn’t the point to just raise money?” Smart kid 😀

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