A Story To Make Your Heart Smile


Oh how I am inspired by stories of great kindness. This one makes me so proud of the town and the people I grew up with. The younger brother of a friend and classmate was diagnosed with ALS a few  years ago. He is a young man, married just a few years with a four year old son. I was fortunate two summers ago to visit home and participate in a walk to raise money for this amazing and inspiring family. Recently I heard of a high school friend who was selling his motorcycle for the sole purpose to buy this couple a bike with a motor so they could still ride together. They are the outdoor type and have always been very active. This one thing, this bike could be a life changer for them. Freedom is a stretch but I think the word fits nicely considering it would give Todd the opportunity to do something that used to seem impossible. The things we take for granted on a daily basis, huh? When is the last time you complained that your feet hurt from walking too far or your legs hurt from biking around a small lake? This bike was a miracle to this family and one kind person, one compassionate man made this happen. This story is tragic and beautiful as I have watched a community and old friends come together to do amazing things for this well deserving family. Isn’t that our purpose in life? I would like to think it is. To be be kind and help others and always find a way to give even when you are sure you have nothing to offer. Offer yourself, your kindness, an encouraging word and be an inspiration to everyone around you. My heart if so full today.  


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