Fear or Love?


They say we are driven by one of two things, fear or love. I’ve heard that notion at least a million times but today I was able to understand it in a new way. Words, that’s all they were for awhile until I really considered the depth and magnitude behind the letters all jumbled together. 

Lately, I have been really focusing on practicing and encouraging kindness in my blogs. I realize through many comments that kindness is perceived two different ways. Maybe not the act of kindness itself but the thought of limiting the amount of kindness for fear of being taken advantage of. The way I see it, is kindness is a gift we give from the heart. We do it expecting nothing in return and sometimes not even getting a simple thank you. I guess the question I have is how can I be taken advantage of if I am truly doing something nice for someone simply because I want to? I am the only one who can choose to give my time, my words, my help, my money so it really has little to do with the person on the receiving end. Then you have those people who jump willingly into the front seat of the kindness train because they really want to be part of the movement. I can’t help but wonder, what is the difference between the two? Maybe the fear based mind is afraid if they give too much of anything there will not be enough left for themselves. Think about it, if I volunteer most of my time, will people expect me to always do it and then how much time will be left for me? Or, if I give and see the difference the little things I do make, it will simply make me happy that I can make others happy too. The mindsets are both fascinating and interesting at the same time.

I have shared that I have been holding myself back on living my life lately, at least living to my full potential. Today I asked myself some pretty tough questions including is that thought/ decision based on fear or love? Fear. That nasty little f word has been holding me back for so many years and I just won’t allow it anymore. When you act from a place of love, and think from a place of love and care for yourself from a place of love, can you imagine how different your life can become when you’ve spent years living from a place of fear? I can’t wait to start living again. I can already see doors that have been locked flying open again and I am so excited to walk through them.

5 thoughts on “Fear or Love?

  1. On the nose. When loving kindness is offered from a pure heart then the appropriate response is to accept it. Sounds so straight forward, but no! We humans complicate matters. We distrust…have learned bad habits…we’ve been hurt. Should we give? Should we accept? Of course the answer is yes, but I’ll need to be patient and gentle with myself when I fail ❤

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