What Do YOU Love?


What do you love? What is it that moves you to a place where every inch of your being feels love and happiness? When is the last time you felt that way?

I was cleaning up a little bit last night and the sound of my sons laughter came rolling down the stairs. He is such a happy kid and when he laughs, it comes from a place deep inside. I love when the people I love are happy. I love when good things happen to them and I can catch that look in their eyes or that smile on their face. I love when something wonderful and unexpected catches me by surprise or when I find myself enjoying a quiet moment of peace embraced in its calm. I love random and planned acts of kindness and coffee and conversation with a good friend. I love when someone texts or calls out of the blue just to tell me they are thinking of me. I love when my husband responds with love and patience when I take a fighting stance. I love to watch my kids sleep, play sports, read. I love a beautiful sunny spring day with a gentle breeze. I love when a list of things I love flows so free and easily from my fingertips. I love the freedom and release that comes with blogging. I love that people read and take the time to comment. Your turn, go.

3 thoughts on “What Do YOU Love?

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