Flip The Coin


I just read the article on Facebook about Starbucks supporting marriage equality and that after taking such a stance their proceeds were down. Despite that fact, they will continue to support the diversity interwoven among their own employees and carry on. A friend commented “good, now they will be getting more of my money”. 

I guess it’s odd for me to comprehend how people can choose to boycott or support a company based on their outspoken beliefs. We have the right to believe anything that feels right with our soul. That part I clearly understand but to actually boycott or actively support a company based on their views seems a little drastic to me. A persons beliefs will never influence whether or not I buy a cup of coffee in their store. Why oh why do we feel we have to punish or support every single action? I am grateful I can keep the two separate. I like the separate part. People and companies are more than their thoughts and beliefs. They are real human beings who build a company , work hard and try to make a living just like everyone else. Do people have the right to boycott or support businesses? Of course they do but let’s ask that in reverse….do you believe businesses should have the right to deny services to customers based on beliefs? Always a double standard that people forget to see in both directions. Just something to think about today. Which side of the coin are you on?

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