The girl, The bird, and The Terrible Plan


Sometimes I come up with what I think is an amazing plan but I neglect to focus on the tiny details that make all the difference. I have lived here for five years. Every spring, the barn swallows build there nests at my front and back door. At first I enjoyed them very much. I waited and waited for the babies to hatch and I would lovingly sit and count the days until their first venture out of the nest. What I realized though is their droppings are very toxic. They were everywhere rotting the paint off my fence, my outdoor furniture and statues and it was everywhere. You had to watch where you would sit, step…it was totally gross. I read online that the birds do not like the texture of plastic so I had this genius idea to use clear tape to cover the corners on my front porch. I climbed up the ladder and taped like a madman. 

Hours later, I returned home to find a bird sitting over my front door. The tape had come loose and somehow wrapped itself around the birds wing. At first I thought it was funny until I climbed the ladder and the bird appeared not to move. I was devastated and thought for sure his wing was broken. His eyes met mine and my heart began to hurt. What did I do to this perfect little bird? With my husbands help, I was able to carefully cut the tape loose and peel it off his wing. My heart was pounding as I waited, watching to see if he could fly. Off he went and I was feeling extremely grateful. Sometimes our best intentions do not turn out so great. Lesson learned. I was so caught up in my own selfishness that could have cost this bird his life. Luckily, alls well that ends well. I always love a happy ending. 


7 thoughts on “The girl, The bird, and The Terrible Plan

  1. In our pursuit of keeping our surroundings perfect for our own comfort and convenience we sometimes have to inconvenience other creatures we interact with. There is a time when you have to make a decision, its them or us, harmony is not always a perfect balance.

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