Are You Sarcastic?


Have you ever met anyone who uses a sarcastic way to point things out? Come hell or high water, they are going to get their point across one way or another. It’s hard to feel scrutinized, like someone is waiting and watching to point out what a louse you are. I used to think that maybe these people are as critical with themselves but unfortunately I don’t think that’s the case. I believe they really feel they are elite, on a different level than the people around them. Sarcasm makes me uncomfortable. I don’t find it the least bit amusing but I do find it rude and condescending. If only people could point out as many good things about someone instead of constantly listing faults. Call me a sensitive sap but aren’t we supposed to have feelings? Aren’t we supposed to be sensitive so we remember to do no harm? Words and judgements and constant insults hurt and over time, people will just not want to be around people like that anymore. I was reminded of that just tonight. I attended an event with someone I used to consider a friend but after watching her behavior, I remembered why I used to feel so horrible, so small around her. People want to be around people who make them feel good, appreciated, accepted. No one wants to feel someone’s approval is conditional. My mom always taught me, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I think I will have a shirt made up with those words in every color, one for each day to remind the ones who have somehow forgotten. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing but judgement and criticism may cost you a very good friend.

11 thoughts on “Are You Sarcastic?

  1. flippyzipflop

    My best friend is the QUEEN of sarcasm. However, over the years, I’ve come to realize that it’s a defense mechanism. Instead of feeling what she should be feeling, she uses sarcasm (comic relief) to lessen her reality. Life hasn’t been kind to her. So, now I know… When she’s being sarcastic, she’s hurting in some way. I’m not trying to minimalize your interpretation; just giving you a different vantage point I suppose.



  2. Early in our marriage, my husband and I banned sarcasm between us. We were just SO good at it, the fun wordplay and banter BUT it’s so easy to cross the line. Eventually it came back to us in small does which can be hilarious, especially with our teens. So we use caution and just try to have a thick skin when things go awry.


    • I imagine you and your husband were just being playful and not meaning any harm. I’m talking about the ones who knowingly insult with a smile to make sure they get there digs in so you know how they disapprove of you. There is definitely a difference

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      • Absolutely! My husband and I figured out that sarcasm is a powerful tool. It is a knife that can’t cut even among loved ones. When used in the way you describe I also find it cowardly.


  3. henriettamross14

    Well I do have a dry, sarcastic humour naturally but thats just me and people don’t seem to mind.

    Poking fun at people, mentioning their faults etc is passive aggression disguised as sarcasm. They misuse the fun of humour to make others feel bad and in doing so, give true sarcasm a bad name.

    But if you send them my way, I am Iron Man. Maybe they need a new suit, a flamboyant passive one.


  4. I think there’s a difference between true sarcasm, and nastiness…. my son has a very dry humour.. and is hilariously sarcastic.. often without even realising….but he’s never nasty. I know others (like him) who are sarcastically funny…. I also know people who sarcastically nasty!

    Perhaps, with reference to ‘the others’ (others like the friend you speak of) it’s just nastiness veiled in sarcasm. Cowardly nastiness!

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