I’ll Have a Cup of Compassion Please


The other day I was standing behind a mom in Target. Her child was sitting in the front of the cart whining and complaining that he wanted his cheetos NOW. He was kicking his feet and making those screechy whiny sounds that are equivalent to hearing nails on a chalkboard. The mom leaned down and in her sweetest voice quietly explained to her three year old boy that if he didn’t stop acting this way, he would not get the Cheetos and then she reluctantly gave them to him. In that instant, the little boy won. 

What was I to do, glare at her for giving into the child? Should I have stared the little boy down and shake my head in disapproval and disgust? I didn’t do any of those things. I gave the mom that knowing look and said, it sure is hard being a mom sometimes. We had a conversation and as she left she smiled and told me our conversation was the bright part of her day. She was so grateful for the support and that someone didn’t look down on her but simply sent the message, I understand.

Sometimes, especially as moms, we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. We parent the best we can and still our children do things to humiliate and  embarrass us. We don’t need to be stared at, berated or looked down upon. We need encouragement, support and compassion to help us keep going, keep giving, and not have a complete mental breakdown because we feel we have failed and our best will never be good enough.

Be kind to people in tough situations. Help make someone’s life easier today with some words of kindness or a simple gesture. Those little things can be so big to the person on the receiving end. Give it a try and watch how someone will react to your effort. 

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