7 thoughts on “You Write It Thursday

  1. Jan Hobbs

    In February 1993, when I was homeless, a stranger walked up to me, pointed to the Miraculous Medal that I was wearing, and asked me, “do you believe?” I answered yes, and then he asked me, “my dear, would you loan me $1 million?” I replied that I did not have $1 million, but if I did, I would certainly loan it to him. He then asked me, “would you like $1 million?” I explained to him that I did not need $1 million, that for the most part, my needs were met. He then handed me a $20 bill, and told me that God told him to give it to me. $20 was exactly, down to the penny, what I needed to pay for a motel room that night, the night before I got on a train to head home to North Dakota from California. Later that evening he came by my Montel room (I’ll never figure out how he knew), and insisted on taking me next-door to dinner. As I sat there eating, he drank only water. I got up to use the restroom, and one of the waitresses followed me to tell me that he was in there nearly every day buying dinner for someone, and that he never ate, he always drank water. I have often wondered if this man was actually an angel, sent to help me in my hour of need. It was one of the wettest winters that North San Diego County had in years and years, and if I had not had that motel room the night before I left on the train, the ticket paid for by my mother, I don’t know what I would’ve done that night. I have often searched for his name in public records, and he had shown me his checkbook, and his ID, so I would know who he was. But I’ve never found a record of his name anywhere. I do believe in angels.


      • Jan Hobbs

        There is actually more to the story. In those days I kept a prayer card with the novena to the Infant of Prague on it. I had spent virtually all my money on a motel room the night before, and knew I would not be able to afford a motel room that night. Just moments before I ran into this gentleman, I had picked up the prayer card, looked at it and said, “you have never failed me before, so I have nothing to complain about.” Although I am not a Catholic, Catholics believe that if you pray to the Infant of Prague, your needs will always be met. And then, lo and behold, I ran into this gentleman within 5 to 10 minutes.


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