Keeping Up


I can’t help but think that deep down we all desire to be nurtured. From the time most of us are tiny human beings, we snuggle up close in someone’s arms and feel safe enough to fall asleep. We get so used to being taken care of and loved and one day, if we are fortunate, we have children of our own and do the same. Sometimes, in the midst of excitement over having a child and the busy schedule that comes along when one arrives, we spend so much time nurturing everyone else that we forget to nurture ourselves. We long for the same nurturing we have always craved but somewhere in our act of nurturing, we convince ourselves that if we are the nurturer, we no longer need to be nurtured. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Life is a constant struggle to maintain balance and when it comes to being nurtured or nurturing, there is an important need for balance there too. Be kind to yourself. Talk to yourself with the same kind of love and compassion that you do with everybody else. It’s okay to put others ahead, just don’t leave yourself behind.


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