Top 5 Reasons Why I Love To Blog


This is a response to the daily prompt today to write a list from The Daily Post

1) I love interacting with people and making new friends. I look forward to comments back and forth and I really believe bloggers are a special kind of people. 

2)Blogging gives me the opportunity to safely and openly explore views that are much different than my own and helps me keep an open mind.

3) Blogging helps me feel more connected because there are people who are supportive and feel the same as I do. It’s hard to not feel like “the only one” sometimes but blogging reminds me that’s just not true.

4) Blogging is so much cheaper than therapy. My computer allows me to express my deepest feelings freely and without judgement. Don’t we all want that?

5) Plain and simple, I just love to write and if that’s my worst habit than I believe it’s a good one.  

Now it’s YOUR turn. What is the number one reason YOU blog?

13 thoughts on “ Top 5 Reasons Why I Love To Blog

  1. My number one reason would be to expand my knowledge of others and the world around me, There is so much that we can learn from others, and so many new perspectives that we can gain when we step out of our little world and into someone else’s.

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  2. This is great! I have so many reasons why I love to blog. I could probably go on forever about why I blog. But if I had to list one reason, I would say that I love to blog because it allows me to live my passion: writing. I have loved writing ever since I learned how to put sentences together, and writing has always been what keeps me sane. Blogging is a way for me to continue living that passion every day.

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  3. I laughed at #4! This is cheaper than therapy! I guess I blog because I love everything to do with teaching and I’ve worn out my family and friends with teacher stories. An unexpected and delightful bonus has been connecting with other bloggers. I love that a lot!

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