To Warm Your Heart


There is so much kindness in the world if we dare look for it. I have often wondered how empty my funeral service would be. I’ve traveled around so many times over the course of my life that I never seem to have any roots. I have a small handful of friends who I make in each town but truth be told, if I were to die tomorrow I know nobody would bother to come. My close family would be there of course but outside of that, do I really matter enough to anyone to make the trip? 

Yesterday, I saw a post about a homeless veteran who had passed away. There was concern the services would be empty because the man didn’t appear to have any family. What happened next was both encouraging and beautiful. Total strangers filled the service out of pure respect and kindness. So many beautiful stories like this one are often swept under the rug, downplayed by stories of division and violence. I thought this particular story should be front and center to offer hope for the ones who have become hopeless in this world that is sometimes hard to understand. Love one another and let kindness spill from your mouth, your hands, your heart. Namaste.


11 thoughts on “To Warm Your Heart

  1. Kimberly, I recall a news story about people pouring out so that the service of this homeless veteran would not be unattended. Very moving. I get your point about moving from one town & state to another & no one really caring except family. And I don’t think you really mean nor care about a wake, service, or burial for yourself as much as people caring IN DAILY LIFE about you!!! After all, these tributes after we die are really for the living, family or friends, to “get over it,” give closure to our not being there anymore. Wife Geri & I have put burial plans on paper only as a draft. They call for no wake, just a graveside brief few words, readings, prayer, recorded music. But over the past few years, we realize how impractical this plan is. First, it would be much more easily executed in a funeral home the night before or that morning of the burial. And second, the plans are selfish, denying our kids the chance to say goodbye with closure. We think we were being irreverent & mean by denying people the opportunity to pay their respects. So now we plan to revise our plans to a SHORT one evening wake the day before the burial & no church service. We are church people but abhor the hypocrisy of many people who never step foot in a church having memorial services. So don’t give attendance at your wake or service or burial a second thought. Cultivate REAL friends with your time & socially. Some day….you are young……plan your passing arrangements. Period. The rest will not matter really. Do you remember what Yogi Berra said about wakes? “When someone dies, always go to their wake……otherwise they won’t go to yours.” How are you? I’ve had the flu for a week….but getting better! I’m typing a new post for maybe next week. Phil

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  2. This reminded me of a conversation my husband and I had a few months prior to our wedding. With him being in the military (and currently deployed) we had a very candid conversation about the dreaded “what ifs” in life.
    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been entirely against the wake & funeral process – for myself. Call it a “Celebration of Life”, I’ve always witnessed immense grief and I never wanted that for my family.
    But I have to agree with Phil… maybe it is more for our families than for us. And whether one or a hundred people show up, what’s it to us?


    • It is for our families, no doubt. It’s a sad thought though to think no one cares and although the man who passed will never know, it was still a very touching act of kindness. It’s easy to feel removed from people in this day and age. I myself have felt insignificant. The days of eye contact and real heart to heart conversation is becoming a thing of the past. Even when you are next to someone in the same room they are usually distracted texting someone else. Everyone wants to feel valued and loved. How many of us actually feel that way?

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      • Absolutely. I feel that many of us spend our entire lives searching for this validation – that people care and we do matter. But how many times do we really take time to tell people WE care?
        It is so touching that although this man probably never received this validation – at least later in his life – his story inspired others to pause and pay tribute.

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