Dancing With Disappointment


Have you danced with disappointment? I guess at some point we all have. For some reason or another, I attract people who disappoint. I attract people who make broken promises, who never follow through. I used to think there must be something really wrong with me. Why do people find it so easy to let me down? I am so dependable and it hurts to not have someone who is the same. I think differently now. I believe people are really broken. They let themselves down and their lack of follow through goes far beyond their small interaction with me. It takes a great deal of strength and perseverance to stop taking things personally. People are who they are and they don’t intentionally set out to disappoint the ones around them. I believe there are people who will just never get their act together because they just can’t, no matter how hard they try. So what do we do with these people who continually hurt us or drag us down? We must learn to accept them and love them the way they are. The battles they fight go deeper than what the human eye can see. We must choose to look the other way and admit this is just a part of who they are. It’s okay to dance with disappointment but it’s important to remember we have the power to choose a different partner. Dance with love and forgiveness and acceptance. That is one dance worth staying on the floor a couple minutes longer.


6 thoughts on “Dancing With Disappointment

  1. Oh, wow. I know so many of these kinds of folks. Eternally disappointing. But you are right that we have to choose for ourselves to find a different way of relating to them or accepting them for who they are, disappointments and all. Beautifully said!

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  2. I am very much like you. I have lowered expectations of others but not for myself. I try my best to treat others the way I wish to be treated. It’s really hard because people that “can’t get their shit together” , always think it’s someone else’s fault that they let everyone down.

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