The Happiness Myth


Happiness. Where do we find it? We look for it in a multitude of  places only to be reminded it comes from inside of us. What if we don’t feel any happiness inside? What if we don’t even believe it is in there? I imagine it must be so frustrating for someone that searches their own soul only to come up empty and discouraged. I do know our perception of our own lives has a direct influence on the way we feel. Our attitude and our outlook are extremely important.  I guess what it means is that no one else can make us happy but someone can sure make us feel happy. Is there really a difference? Maybe we should focus more on what makes us feel happy and simply do more of that. The struggle to feel happy can be a long and frustrating one. We look at people around us who are always on top of the world and we can’t help but wonder, what is wrong with me? Maybe it’s not realistic to believe we can be happy all the time. Maybe the concept of happiness is just a myth. I do know that when we make a conscious effort to do the things that make us happy and spend time around people that make us feel loved and happy, life is more enjoyable. Simple as that. Maybe the gift of happiness in wrapped up in the little things that make us feel big like a call from an old friend or a random act of kindness. Maybe it’s in a warm cup of coffee or a piece of our favorite pie. Maybe happiness really can be found anywhere if we stop searching so hard to find it. What do you think? 


8 thoughts on “The Happiness Myth

  1. Happiness is a choice. One that you must make daily, sometimes many times in one day. This coming from a person who was once chronically depressed. From someone who had her first thought of suicide at age 11. If you had told me that happiness was a choice back then, I wouldn’t have believed you. I would have been angry. I was angry about everything back then. It took a life-changing event to make me confront my anger once and for all, to realize that my anger was really a symptom of sadness, grief, frustration, and fear. To understand that not dealing with those emotions led to a feeling of loss of control, which led to anger. When I could finally release all that, I knew that happiness is not in things or events or people. Happiness is within all of us, just waiting to be unlocked, to be set free. Most of us have to let go of a lot of negative energy to make room for the happiness to shine through, but it’s there, waiting patiently.

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  2. Happiness is an ephemeral and transitory state of mind like the weather that one day is sunny and the next rainy and stormy. As the proverb that says: “The bird od happiness will fly to the hand that doesn’t try to grasp it.” So basically one shouldn’t try to be happy because it will come by itself. I think that there is a confusion as to what is happiness. When people refer to happiness they think of a state of euphoria or excitement that obviously cannot be sustained as by nature of its impermanency it will reach a peak and then go down. In my view one should try to be content and grateful with what one has and then in a state of contentment happiness will easily settles in too.

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  3. I think happiness has a lot to do with relationships. The people we are connected too, our spiritual relationships, and our lack of relationships all can have an impact on our happiness: moment to moment and these moments turn to days, weeks . . .

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